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About Me

Producer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Marc Longberg
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It’s easy to get blown away by the glamour that is Hollywood. When you start your career in the business working for powerhouses like Tony, Ridley and Jake Scott it’s no surprise that a love for the business will blossom. Working with directors who are worth their salt and are getting their hands on compelling creative creates an addiction. With saying “no” not an option you learn to make the seemingly impossible, possible. While Marc started first in music videos, it was the transition over to commercials where he coordinated on jobs for the Scotts at RSA that his eyes opened and his love affair for the entertainment industry truly began.

Upon given the opportunity to move up into a leadership role, Marc jumped at the chance to have the tough conversations about crew, gear, logistics and budgets with the very best in the business. But in order to do so, his knowledge both from personality management but also technical had to be on point. You can’t tell a DP he can’t shoot Anamorphic unless you know what that really means not only for a budget, but also the ramifications in post. He handles these conversations with ease having his knowledge of industry to back him up.

Marc’s knowledge of post was enriched when working with Natalie Barandes at Get It... Pictures. As Natalie’s producer, Marc was on the front lines doing the first mobile project for Sony International. They created mobile content for 20 “Bond” films; churning out content that included 7 exclusive montage videos. The success from that venture opened the door to do the same thing with the entire “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” catalogue.


Before it was taboo to mention The Weinstein Company, Marc was tapped to help create and produce 7 short films for a project called Lexus Short Films. From start to finish, every skill learned in the 15 years leading up to this opportunity were put to the test. Starting first with building the right team to carry this behemoth project through on a tight budget to the end product in post. When it was all said and done, several films won awards and it was a very successful endeavor for Lexus where they signed on to do more.

With over 24 years in this business, Marc has seen first-hand how the jobs have evolved. It’s the challenge of these changes: funds available, evolving technology – whether it is equipment or platforms – and still deliver influential visuals that marry with the creative concepts that keeps him coming back for more.

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